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Valve Repair


Comprehensive Valve Repairs

Specialty Compressor & Engine Company Inc. repairs valves for Joy, Ingersoll Rand, Worthington, Cooper, Clark, Ariel, along with many other compressors. Anything from poppet valves to plate valves. Call us at 806-273-9912 to get a FREE estimate today!

Examination: Our valve technicians check each valve thoroughly to spot any problems and their cause. Then we decide weather is it reparable to should be replaced. We want what is best for your equipment. 

Washing and bead blasting: All valve components are steam cleaned and blasted with glass beads to remove any contamination. 

Check for breakage: After being thoroughly cleaned each component is checked for cracks and breakage. Breaks in the seat or guard will require them to be replaced. The complete valve will need replaced after being reworked several times due to the thickness of the seat being to minimal. 

Machining: We use precision machine tools to turn and grind valve seats and guards to standard. 

Assembly: Each valve is assembled with care and to the specific needs of each type of valve. 

Testing: Each valve is liquid tested with solvent, we make sure each valve is reconditioned to the same standards as new valves. 

Completion: The valves are documented with an analysis report and carefully wrapped for long-term storage. 
Call us for a FREE estimate on our valve repairs at 806-273-9912
Our family owned and operated company has been in business since 1979 and has 50 years of combined experience in machine and compressor repairs.
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